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We're in charge of representing global brands, which aims to boost its commercial partners’ success and profitability through integrated licensing, marketing, and content strategy services resulting in the creation of emotional connections and unique experiences for the end consumer.
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We are excited to inform you that Panadería adds The Elf on the Shelf to its brand portfolio, an American story written in 2004, which managed to bec...

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Bakery consolidates BTL strategies with Liverpool local and foreign stores, in a multi-cat...

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One of the versions of the brand licensing, is through a spokesperson, Dragon Ball under i...

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Our most recent collaboration with CLOE for Peanuts, led by Claudia C Lander Liccioni who ...

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SUMMIT PEANUTS 2023Panaderia Licensing together with Peanuts Worldwide hosted a brand summ...

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My Little Pony turns 40 and celebrates with the Create Your Pony campaign This yea...

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Analizamos el "sabor" del mercado, escribimos la receta y calculamos el tiempo en el horno de La Panadería... ¡esa es nuestra receta del éxito!

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